Tuesday, February 9, 2021

You Will Never Buy Bitcoin

The year is 2021.

You pick up your smartphone,

and read online news.

"Tesla buys $1.5b of Bitcoin."

Wow, Elon got scammed to buy Bitcoin? 

What does the ex-CEO and former largest single shareholder of PayPal know about digital money?

What does the world's richest man know about money?

Apparently not much.

Definitely not more than you,

since you know that Bitcoin is a scam.

You look up the price of Bitcoin.

1 Bitcoin is $60,000 SGD? Joke.

It is very funny to you,

since you know that it is *actually* worthless.

Arrogant crypto boys that got lucky are everywhere spamming,

"Have Fun Staying Poor"

Very Funny. Not.

When Bitcoin later crashes down to...

maybe... $10,000? 

You will have the last laugh.

You think about your diversified portfolio in low-cost ETFs, high-conviction stock picks.

You think about your multiple insurance savings plans and whole-life insurance.

You think about your CPF retirement money.

You smile at your framed picture of Warden Bufflet.

You smile to yourself.

You relax.

No Starbucks.

Cai Png only.


Life is good.


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  2. kek whole-life insurance

  3. damn.. this is the best thing i've read in a while. Those tradfi bros must be hurtin'

  4. Kek G. That was brutal but i am enjoying every word of it.

  5. This is a masterpiece.

  6. Lol to those suckers/naysayers trying to put G down previously. U guys can't even amass what he has even if u lived life 5 times over.

    And about "Genuine Happiness" lmao, G is the most giving/sincere guy in this space. He has given a lot more and has never dumped on us (especially to the SG community).

    Well have fun with your "Genuine Happiness", and stay poor!

  7. Eat caipng and plain water -> maybe 1M65
    Yolo BTC & Shit Coins -> Maybe 10M45

    I rather eat shit coins than caipng

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