Thursday, April 1, 2021

BlackRock bought BTC Futures

BlackRock held $6.1m of BTC futures as per their filing.


So many people falling for this ponzi scam.

Next thing you know, banks will finally offer it to the peasantry after it is over $100,000 USD per coin.

Investment funds will announce how they've owned it for months.

New ETFs and unit trusts will pop up that allow them to buy it.

Pension and Sovereign Wealth Funds infinite bid.

Maybe even... CPF-IS allowed limits to owning some?


All for a non-cash flow generating ponzi scheme! 

Very strange.

Very strange indeed.

If I was them, I would buy SGX listed stonks so all sinkies can huat together.

Yes, I am very patriotic.

Anyway, Have fun staying poor!

1 comment:

  1. Stonks and properties were boomers' ponzi. Now this is our ponzi. Welcome to crypto.


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