Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cash is Trash, Particularly SGD

I read this post by FYI on Syfe Cash+ and others.

I've also recently seen other bloggers post about the different savings accounts and fixed deposits-esque products around the local market.

It is absolutely depressing AF.

Over-collateralized crypto USD lending is between 4-11% on Compound.

Over-collateralized crypto USD lending is between 5-23% on Aave.

Non-DeFi, regulated custodial lenders are offering 10.5%, like Celsius.

There's so many more options too, from higher risk yield aggregators to yield farming, but if you cannot even grasp this absolutely rudimentary idea of overcollateralized lending, those concepts will unfortunately be outside of your IQ grade.

Imagine investing in dividend stonks, or REITs, or even worse, buying a condo to collect 2% net rent.

Actually it might be better to compare to short duration bond funds or money market funds, since possible downside risks are somewhat similar.

Doesn't really matter to be honest, tradfi people simply cannot grasp how absolutely skewed the risk/rewards are. Lower returns is the price of being risk-adverse and uneducated.

B-b-b-b-but foreign exchange risks!

So confusing and complicated!

Custodial risks!

Crypto risks!


Have fun staying poor.

I'm just saying that alternatives exist.

Your choice if you want to stay uneducated, or be....

Well, I would say "woke", but I recently found out that a certain salaryman that I had considered to be very woke is actually not very woke at all.


  1. Ser yew referring to tharman as the woke?

  2. Read the salarymans article yesterday and wondered what your thoughts are ;)

  3. ooo that burn at the end...hahaha. lol cant believe he compare ltc with eth lol

  4. Gmgh so woke �� Really grateful to you haha. Have been missing you, thanks for coming back.

  5. The Cock Salaryman

  6. The salaryman won't invest more than 5% in crypto, meanwhile, I have more than 95% of my portfolio invested in crypto... Even with this mega crypto bull market, only very few will make it.

  7. Ever considered philanthropy? I understand you are staying to get people to wake up and take action and invest out of tradfi where the risk//return is disadvantageous. But for those already in poverty, allocating a sizeable capital(already assuming there is left over from expenses) almost impossible. They unfortunately will continue to not have fun staying poor. I personally contribute to “orangeaid” as I do value the feature where past beneficiaries continue to give back to the program which helps to make the program sustainable.
    My 2 sats.

  8. OOF, thanks GMGH for being a beacon all these years.

  9. i just woke ! definitely going to do something about my portfoilo allocation !


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