Friday, April 16, 2021

Crypto Exposure Through Stonks Herp Derp

I always remember the saying, "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

I recently read this post by Seedly, and thought to myself,

"When you're a stock investor, every investment has to be a stock"

IMO, proxy crypto exposure through stocks is really stupid.

(By the way, I can swear and be non PC now because I have closed my AdSense account, KEK)

When people talk to me crypto, I try very hard to help them understand that significantly superior risk/rewards strategies exist without them having to take on crypto price risks.

Unfortunately, no one wants honest low-risk, high returns strategy (10-40% returns in a year).

If they are going into crypto, they just want to degenerate and yolo go for 10-100x returns.

Because, it's all stupid anyway, and it's just a gamble.

Just fun money to have some excitement.

Win or lose, all based on LUCK.

If that's how you think, you can

Have Fun Staying Poor


  1. Honestly still trying to find the 20 to 40%. Maybe i am too stupid or something. But yeah, am learning. Thanks for telling me on the 10% though. Appreciate it alot.

    1. As simple as looking at any of the major BSC yield aggregators giving ~40% yield on stables. Look at Curve on ETH, Ellipsis on BSC and many more

  2. Hi GMGH, can you share the strategies you have for superior risk/rewards without having to take on the big risks in crypto prices?


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