Friday, April 9, 2021

Crypto Skeptics or Uneducated Armchair Critics?

As crypto goes higher and higher,

the salt level increases

and I see more absolutely shit takes on crypto.

It is actually really sad to see seemingly smart and financially trained people with such dogshit takes.

I talk about the "yield" in the crypto markets often.

Yet people still don't know that you can earn yield while taking on zero price risk of cryptocurrencies.

It's not hyperbole, it's a fact.

You can think Bitcoin is a scam and be completely USD denominated and based, and still make steady and predictable returns regardless of BOTH upwards or downwards price movement. (Delta neutral)

But critics never talk about this. Why?

Cos these critics don't know jack shit, that's why.

Again, this is the risk premia that the educated and adventurous are allowed to harvest. (supplement to understand the Nakadollar fixed rate bonds)

If you have any sort of financial background and the above 2 pieces did not convince you, 

then I have nothing more to say other than that you're pretty much destined to

Have Fun Staying Poor.


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