Sunday, April 25, 2021

Exit Liquidity Arriving

Sorry Heartland Boy for making your post the scapegoat, but this has been a trend I have noticed for the past few weeks - a lot of normies are now very aware of the recent rising prices of cryptocurrencies and many have begun "investing" in cryptocurrencies.

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As more people from the traditional finance side of things start allocating into cryptocurrencies at historically elevated valuations,

it is yet another grim reminder that at the end of every boom cycle,

someone will be left holding the bag.

I eagerly await for more and more financial bloggers to "allocate a small % of their portfolio" into crypto.

Literally top signals.

It's funny, because they self-psyops themselves that "it's just a small %, so it is okay if it all goes to zero" and then proceed to allocate capital at historical all time highs. Savvy investing indeed. 

Herd timing allocation with a low conviction investment thesis. 

You absolutely love to see it.

I keep thinking that we see a parabolic blow off to mark the end of the cycle.

But all the normies pouring in now is making me question if we're already at peak delusion and whether I am just being too damn greedy about when to take profit.

Then again, real adoption is indistinguishable from euphoria?


If any prominent local finance blogger announce they are quitting their jobs or selling all their dividend stonks to fully allocate to crypto / to work for or run a crypto fund / teach crypto courses, then it will be time for me to sell all my crypto and to start shorting the markets on high leverage.

That's just the way it is, brosquitos.

The moment that they finally cave in and buy crypto, is the moment we run out of suckers this cycle to buy into these rat poison ponzis.


  1. "Is this a case of Fear Of Missing Out (‘FOMO’)? Definitely not, I have thought through this for long enough and my decision was not sparked by a rush of blood. Afterall, this was 3 years in the making."

    Buying at ATH = not FOMO indeed. Besides didn't covid lockdown begin more than a year ago?

  2. As predicted in your "Closing 2020 Thoughts" post. The financial bloggers are coming, if not, already here. All starting with 5% allocation at ATH. Winter is coming.

  3. Absolutely, investment thesis?? value investing?? index investing?? throw that garbage out, imma get some cryptos because FOMO. When you see articles on cryptos everywhere on the web, it is already at its peak.

    A bunch of sheeps waiting to get slaughter when the correction arrived.

    Have fun staying poor!

  4. I see Fooo lives on in you


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