Thursday, April 22, 2021

"Lol I told you Crypto was a Scam"

Recently, I was watching TV.

Watching TV is actually really really rare for me, considering that crypto is a 24/7 market and we're running red hot at the moment - but I find it good to once in a while force myself away from the markets and clear my head with simple distractions. Sometimes I come back to my battlestation with a fresh perspective on old things.

But I digress.

I was watching TV, and the plot of this particular show was that the evil villain is planning to destabalize the economy by printing and releasing a lot of "counterfeit" money.

Not really "counterfeit", just actual notes that was not approved by the treasury to be printed and released into circulation.

And that got me thinking, how is this any different from governments printing money today?

For "unprecedented times" to deal with COVID?

For "emergency economic stimulus packages"?

For whatever reasons?

The answer is simple.

It isn't any different, at all.


Do you know what is the circulating supply of your money?

Do you know how much money the treasury prints?

Do you even have any say in this matter?

How much are they supposed to print?

What if they print a lot more?

Who gets the money?

Who checks this?

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

At $500, BTC was too small and insignificant.

At $5,000, BTC was a scam and going to zero.

At $50,000 BTC was too expensive and you're waiting for a "correction" to buy it "cheap"

At $500,000 BTC, maybe you can fractionally own 0.01 BTC by proxy through your whole life insurance investment component through the master fund that has Bitcoin as a minor holding.

Tradfi no-coiner bois, I hope you HFSP.

I've been told it's the best way to have fun.


  1. Anyone who doesn't see the need for separation of money and state deserves to have fun.

  2. Were you watching Money Heist? Bella ciao ciao ciao~


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