Thursday, April 8, 2021

Magical Money Printing Crypto Trading Bot?

Automated trading bot that uses advanced AI and machine learning?

Magical secret guru taught technical analysis method and top secret indicator to make money?


You how old, still get tricked by stupid lies?

Whether or not Torque was actually legit and the rouge employee screwed them over, or if it was a scam all along, I do not know. But my personal opinion on this matter when people had asked me about it privately was that I thought it was definitely a scam.

The ironic thing is that some people in the space think that I am the evil bad guy tricking people to burn their money gambling into crypto ponzis, or even worse, an outright scammer.

You better read my blog properly hor. I never ask you to buy anything. 

I just say what I myself am doing and thinking, and then ask everyone to have fun.

See, I am such a cheerful and happy person, right?

What baffles me is actually how common it is for people to be naive enough to think that a group of very kind professional people have found some magical money printing trading robot, and will happily share their secret winning formula with you.

You knock your head, is it?

I can't save everyone.

But if along my way I see people that I can help, I try my best.

Pump groups are a scam.

Paid groups are a scam.

Trading bots are a scam.

Trading seminars and courses are a scam.

Magical guru developed trading systems are DEFINITELY A BIG FUCKING SCAM.

A fake "G" ever contacting you for any reason at all is a scam.

Most things in crypto are a scam.

That's why 99% of this trash gets burnt down at the end of every cycle for -99%.

If you believe that some professional looking guy with a "track record" can teach you magical ways to make money, there's something wrong with you.

This always remind me of the fish tackle story:

A man walks into a fishing shop and see all sorts of different coloured and shaped fish tackle and remarked to the shopkeeper, "WTF, do fish actually fall for these different tackles?".

And the shopkeeper replied, "Ser, the fish aren't my customers."

Good luck and stay safe.



    Even national library is giving free talks on magic internet money. Top is in?

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