Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Make Hay while it's still PvE Season

ETH at ATHs.

DeFi summer vibes is coming again, with Aave doing exactly what Compound did last year.

Once again, there is a frenzy to yield farm on Ethereum L1 and L2 (Polygon).

The narrative of ETH is getting stronger - good checkpoint in this cycle.

More ETH L2 solutions are going live in the coming months.

If you've played 2020 Defi Summer and then BSC season, then you already know exactly how this goes.

Protocols simping for liquidity, is how it goes.

Primary Objective: SURVIVE

Don't get rugpulled.

Don't get scammed.

Be awake and alert - traversing chains and using forks may feel similar, but be aware of the differences and avoid making any silly mistakes that will brick your own funds.

Secondary Objective: Make bank

Broke lads pick a side and die ingloriously as maxis.

Woke lads recognize opportunity and profit from war.

While on different networks and L2s, always keep an eye on the exits. You never know when things go to shit and you don't want to forget your primary objective. Don't get left behind when everyone else is pulling out.

Suit up and roll out boys.

This ain't our first rodeo.

Hopefully it ain't our last either.

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