Monday, June 28, 2021


Twitter has been a generally good experience. 

I met a lot of smart people and discovered many projects and also opportunities.

I met a lot of funny people that made the whole journey a lot more entertaining.

I would not have made as much money as I did, were it not for being part of Twitter.

However, now it is just a giant "zoom out" cope pity party. Honestly, it is very pathetic. A lot of people that I thought were good actors actually just have massive egos and have fallen for clout chasing and popularity, rather than actual money making. I have realized that it brings no benefit to my life to interact with such people, except exposing myself to their egotism and poverty mindset.

Twitter is a very toxic environment for your wealth currently, and I think it is not good for most people to remain in such an environment unless you have strong natural defense against psyops and bullshit. Even being someone like that, I find it too much and not worth the benefits, so I have decided to walk away.

There is nothing interesting about crypto at the moment, but I am very sure that it will eventually become interesting again, once the speculators and weak hands are flushed out, and the projects and developers can focus on building useful things. 

Things are going EXACTLY as you would expect.

I am not sure why so many people are in absolute denial about the reality of things.

"But this time is different"

Pure unfiltered raw cope, directly from the source.

I personally have LONG TERM indicators that are telling me that we are nowhere even near the bottom. Don't ask me what they are, because I am not going to tell you. Do your own research. Build your own conviction. I can't buy for you, and I can't sell for you. You need to do it yourself.

As I have quit Twitter, I actually also plan to quit blogging too.

I may return one day, but for now I am just cutting off distractions in my life to focus on things that I want to do, and that does not involve arguing with internet strangers who have been objectively wrong the past few weeks and months.

Like I said on Twitter, some of you guys are all right. Some of you are eager, genuine learners trying to capitalize on the amazing opportunities in crypto. 

Sorry that you started your journey late, but I am only human and I am tired from teaching. All the best to you.

#1 Survive
#2 Find the bottom
#3 Buy it

This is my plan as well.

Good luck people.

Remember, money is not the goal of life.

No point having money if you're an evil person without happiness.

I wish you all well.