Friday, June 11, 2021

Bear Boys, Bear Boys

I have not been blogging lately.

I think those on Twitter will know why, haha.

If it was not obvious, I have been turning cautious and then bearish over the past weeks.

I did manage to sell huge chunks of crypto *before* the crash.

I am sitting pretty with my stables, printing so much money, that sometimes it feels illegal.

I do not know for sure where we go from here.

Some people think we have an even bigger and more silly end of the year rally. I won't write it off, but I put that at low odds of happening, but I will play that if that is what plays out.

My default outlook is that we are in a bear market and it will take many months to cleanse out the bearishness of the markets.

Many many many many many many many many people think that we will have a very short bear market, because you know, "this time is different".

When most people agree with something, they are usually wrong and it's great to bet against them.

I do NOT think that we have a quick 2-4 month "bear market" and then just resume up only, but that's just my personal opinion.

Long term, I am obviously omega super bullish crypto.

But there are too many perma bulltards in this space.

It is sad, but I have come to realize that many people in this space are not honest critics. 

They are Numba Go Up cheerleaders.

When you are a bull, everyone is happy.

When you are a bear, you're now out of touch and unable to see the big picture.

"You need to stretch out your time horizons"

Lol okay, whatever.

This should be very obvious once you start actively looking for signs.

Do they have vested interests? Have they ever said anything negative about crypto?

It is for these reasons why I have decided to disengage from a lot of these cheerleaders.

Cute to play with during the bull market, 

Guaranteed poverty to listen to during a bear market.

I now just focus on shitposting and sharing knowledge.

There are different ways to make money, and I just prefer to do things my way.

And I can choose whatever way I want because I am free.

There are many rich crypto people, but not all are actually free. 

Why do I say that? Because if they can't speak the truth, are they truly free?

Do you prefer only bullish numba go up talk? That's fine too.

Lots of people that will give you hopium as prices goes -10%, -30%, -50%, -70%.

If that is what you want, who I am to deny you such things?

You're absolutely correct. Enjoy.

If that's what you want, here's a video that should give you a nice dose of long term bullish hopium.

I agree with many things in this video.

I am, after all, a long term crypto bull.


  1. Thanks bro for your generous sharing once again.

  2. Crypto is a cult, every cycle it will recuit new bagholders. These people are so afraid of missing out the next +10% and continue to baghold for -50%, -70%, -90%, while the cheerleaders keep feeding them hopium. Literally the best market ever, and this is why crypto will never die.

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  4. Isn't stables going to collapse pretty badly too? Tether is a ticking timebomb (not just for stables but the entire crypto space), USDC has been been behaving like Tether in past few months, DAI is backed >50% by USDC.

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